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Spring Boot

  1. Java 8 Features

    1. Lambda functions
    2. Streams


2. Spring Fundamentals

  1. Setup and Hello World
  2. Spring Beans and Dependency Injection
  3. Bean Life cycle
  4. Configuration Properties
  5. YAML Configuration
  6. Profiles
  7. Auto Configuration
  8. Aspect Oriented Programming


3. Developing Web application using Spring

  1. Spring MVC Intro
  2. Developing Web application
  3. Template Engine
  4. Thymeleaf
  5. Spring Boot Internationalization
  6. Exception Handling


4. Data Access using Spring

  1. JPA using Spring Boot (Hibernate)
  2. CRUD operations
  3. Querying using JPA

5. Security

  1. Securing web app

using OAuth


6. Introduction to Spring Boot

  1. Building Rest APIs
  2. Testing using Postman

7. Complimentary advanced topics ( as per requirement)

  1. Interacting with MongoDB  using Spring
  2. Introduction to SPA using Angular 6.
  3. Commonly used design patterns with Spring.
  4. Spring Messaging with JMS
  5. Reactive Programming with Spring
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