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CAD CAM courses in Pune

AnExpertise is one of the leading institutes provide CAD CAM courses in Pune for IT Companies. The Training is a program where you will be trained in computer-aided design development using 2D and 3D programming. Upon the completion of this training, you will work on a project where you will implement different elements you learned in the training.

The project will vary depending on your stream, it is as follows:  Civil/Architectural/Interior stream: Plans, Elevations, Sections, Layout drawings. Electrical & Electronics stream: Electrical Schematic/ Single line/Circuit diagrams. Mechanical stream: Mechanical Fabrication and Isometric drawings.

We offer the most suitable CAD CAM courses in Pune. Along with good practical exposure, you will also get ample theoretical know-how in various core concepts in Computer Aided Design (CAD) which will help them perform well in an interview related with CAD.

What will you learn with our CAD course in Pune?

INTERFACE, DRAWING AIDS & BASIC OBJECTS You will be introduced to Auto CAD interface and you will learn how to achieve precision in creating lines, points, circle and arcs.
COMPLEX OBJECTS & OBJECT EDITING Learn to design shapes. Study about the key concepts of Layers.
BLOCKS & ANNOTATIONS Learn about the concepts and applications of blocks and how to create isometric planes and drawings.
PLOTTING & INTRODUCTION TO 3D Learn to create 3D models using Basic 3D solid modelling.

CAD CAM Training courses in Pune

Who should take CAD CAM courses in Pune?

  •    This course is for students who have little or no knowledge of CAD/ CAM
  •    Students who want to make a career in engineering design
  •    Students of Architecture
  •    Students who want to learn a CAD/ CAM package for their own or professional use

Curriculum for CAD course in Pune:

  •    Refreshing the Engineering drawing concepts
  •    C and C++
  •    Core Java
  •    Modeling and viewing
  •    Surface Modeling
  •    Transformations
  •    Solid Modeling
  •    CAD/CAM Data Exchange
  •    Advanced Modeling Concepts

Our well-conceived training programs with CAD CAM courses in Pune which can help you get your dream job. We conduct training sessions for different IT fields; mechanical fields etc and provide certification for the same. CAD CAM training in Pune is conducted on daytime classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes, and fast-track training classes.

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