AWS Solution Architect with DevOps

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AWS DevOps Course Outline

 (AWS DevOps)


SECTION1: Introduction& Core Concepts

  • Introduction to AWS and Services (overview)
  • What is DevOps and Introduction
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment introduction
  • Deployments type
  • AB Testing
  • Docker /Container introduction

Here we will make you familiar about the term DevOps and CICD along with deployment types in industry.


SECTION 2: CICD Automation

  • Cloud Formation (Premier, Structure, Nesting, Stack Updates, Custom resources)
  • OpsWork (Stack & Layers, Lifecycle Event, Instances, Application Deployment)
  • Overview of docker in elastic beanstalk.
  • EB premier
  • Demos for Cloud Formation and presentation for real life industrial Templates.

Here we will focus on the Automation part using CFT and we will know more about OpsWork


SECTION3: Monitoring and metrics

  • Brief introduction to cloud watch
  • Cloudwatch custom metrics
  • Cloudwatch Alarm
  • Cloudwatch logs
  • Cloudwatch event
  • Cloud trail
  • Demos

Here we will study about the monitoring part in AWS Cloud Watch services which is mainly use for monitoring purpose.


SECTION4: Security & Validations

  • Delegation and Federation
  • Corporate identity
  • Web Identity Federation
  • Active Directory Federation Services(ADFS) with AWS

Here we will dig up into federations and we will have a demo class for Integrating ADFS with AWS to have a SSO

SECTION5: High Availability

  • Auto scaling lifecycle and lifecycle hooks
  • Auto scaling launch configuration
  • Auto scaling Deep dive
  • Auto scaling course self healing
  • Databases(Dynamo, Aurora, RDS, Partition)
  • Stream and replication
  • Auto scaling Demos

Here we will cover the part where we can make high availability AWS environment using Auto scaling.

SECTION6: Operations

  • Instance Type Deep dive
  • EBS Performance deep dive
  • All routing policy explanation
  • Snapshots(Prune and Orphan)
  • Demos for snapshots and way to automate it (industrial way)

Here we will look on to operational and daily task and automating the Snapshot demo

SECTION7: AWS DevOps Tools

  • Code Commit
  • Code Build
  • Code Deploy
  • Code Pipeline
  • Demo for setting up automated pipeline in AWS

Here we will look into the AWS DevOps tools and set up an automated CICD pipeline using them.

Part 2 (General DevOps)

SECTION8: Docker Containers & Kubernetes

  • Docker Containers overview
  • Docker (Images, Repository)
  • Installation of docker on EC2 Demo
  • Running Docker
  • Kubernetes Overview
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Kubernetes Cluster
  • Industrial Knowledge sharing.

Here we will understand the Docker concepts and install, run the docker on Linux based EC2 instance, we will also

Look into Kubernetes architecture and cluster setup

Day 8:

SECTION9: Additional DevOps Tools used in Industries

  • GIT
  • Jenkins
  • Ansible
  • Ansible Playbooks
  • Comparing Ansible with Chef and puppet
  • Terraform
  • Lambda with basic python
  • QUIZ and Interview tips


Here we will understand the Infrastructure as code Concept

*This syllabus mainly intend to groom the student for AWS Certification Exams and also for the Interview Purpose.*

* prerequisites  (Recommended ): Basic understanding of AWS *